Generally we hold a personal meeting with our prospective partner to estimate his/her demands and we determine the concept and the scope jointly.


Then we prepare our price quotation including the concrete technologic description, drawings and prices.


We repeat the personal meetings as necessary to refine and modify the plans considering all individual requests. Finally after agreeing in the final scope we enter into contract with our partner.


After contracting we make a 3D model about the whole site technology to determine the final technical parameters and we design and manufacture the machines.


Parallel with the above point, under the supervision of the Customer and the Supplier we commence the licensing procedure of the building project, obtaining the construction permit and making of the working drawings. The relevant trade subcontractors shall be involved as necessary. When the site readiness level reaches 80% the technologic machines shall be delivered to the site and the erection starts. After the erection the test runs, cold tests (without material to be handled) and finally the hot tests (with material) shall be performed. Certainly all of the above process shall be supervised by the technical inspector as the relevant law requires it.



After the satisfactory operation of the machines and after training the prospective operator staff the final handing over procedure shall be effected.



Individual advice and customer service are top main concern at our company. We suggest you in the process development and optimization, and develop with you the most economical production plan for your specific requirements. The goal of the consultancy is exclusively based on customer’s benefit.

Design & Engineering Services

We have Expertise and operational experience to offer product design and engineering services from concept-to-reality. Our skilled designers and draughtsman use CAD technologies which enable to offer a unique advantage to product manufacture and offer tailor-made solutions which ensure speed, flexibility and accuracy.

Manufacturing & Fabrication Process

We have excellence and fineness in manufacturing and fabrication of customized stainless steel products. Our focus is helping customers deliver their products on time at a cost-effective manufacturing price.

Assembly and Commissioning

Assembly and Commissioning

An important step towards the successful operation of a plant is the assembly and installation of the machinery and equipment. We have teams of experienced and qualified technicians to provide you with support for the designing, supplying, installation and commissioning of turnkey project across various geographies.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service

In order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, we offer prompt and efficient after sale services to our clients irrespective of the geographical location. Whatever the problem, however complex the requirement our experts offer a fast and reliable technical support service.

Feedback - We appreciates getting valuable feedback from our clients. It is helping us to pinpoint where we need improvement, as well as what we are doing well.